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      Premium Finance Agency, Change in Control
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Permit ID: BANK-0106 Agency Code: 0700
Agency Name: Financial Services, Department of (Banking Industry)
Permit Name: Premium Finance Agency, Change in Control
Permit Description: Obtains regulatory approval for change in control of a licensed premium finance agency.
Application Form: Application for License as a Premium Finance Company
Form Number/Date: DFSPF
Downloadable Application Form: http://dfs.ny.gov/banking/ialfpfac.pdf, http://dfs.ny.gov/banking/ialfpfi.htm
Apply Online: Not Available

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Average Application Processing: Initial: 90 Days
Renewal: 0 Days
Common Denial Reasons: Insufficient information, Incorrect information, Lack of qualifying experience
Permit Term: One-time Explain:
Renewable: No How Often:
Automatically Sent: No Explain:
Grace Period: No Explain:
Late Penalty: No Explain:
Application Submittal: Facsimile/Photocopy, Mail, In Person

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