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      Food Processing Establishment License
Hide details for Permit InformationPermit Information
Permit ID: AGM-0032 Agency Code: 0600
Agency Name: Agriculture and Markets, Department of
Permit Name: Food Processing Establishment License
Permit Description: Assures that foods processed in New York for humans are pure and wholesome and food processing establishments conform to proper operating and sanitary standards. Activities range from wholesale food and beverage manufacturers including farm wineries to retail food stores directly handling exposed ready-to-eat foods. Food processing is defined as the processing of foods in any manner, such as by manufacturing, canning, preserving, freezing, drying, dehydrating, juicing, pickling, baking, brining, bottling, packing, repacking, pressing, waxing, heating or cooking, or otherwise treating food in such a way as to create a risk that it may become adulterated if improperly handled. Retail food stores that conduct any type of food preparation such as meat griding or cheese slicing, heating foods, sandwich and beverage dispensing machines, prepare sushi, salad bars, and/or other ready to eat exposed foods packaging activities needs licensing.
Application Form: Application for Food Processing Establishment License
Form Number/Date: FSI-303
Downloadable Application Form: http://www.agriculture.ny.gov/FS/license/pdfs/FSI-303.PDF
Apply Online: http://www.opal.ny.gov/

Hide details for AuthorityAuthority
Statutory Authority: NYS Agriculture and Markets Law, Article 20-C, Section 251-2-3
Regulatory Authority: 1 NYCRR, Subchapter F, Part 276
Federal Authority:
Category of Business
Regulated by Permit:
Agriculture & Forestry & Fisheries, Food Handling & Processing, Manufacturing, Retail Trade, Wholesale Trade

Hide details for Fees and RequirementsFees and Requirements
Fees: Type                                                     Amount                  Returnable
1. Application                 $400.00            Yes
Comments: Fee is for each location, expiring 2 years from the quarter the application was received. Farm wineries are exempt from the application fee.

Fee Payment Options: Cash, Personal Check, Postal Money Order, Certified Check
Comments: Make checks payable to the Department of Agriculture and Markets.
1. Personal Background Information
Sometimes Required
Comments: Criminal Record, a hearing may be held when necessary for evaluation.
Supplemental Permits:
1. Agency: Internal Revenue Service; Permit: Federal Taxpayer Identification Number or Social Security Number
Special Requirements: 1. Inspection
Always Required
Comments: Must have a satisfactory inspection done by NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets to be an issued license.
Additional Information: 1. Permit applications can be rejected by the agency without being approved or disapproved
2. The agency has an appeal process for a denied application
3. Proof of Workers' Compensation or exemption therefrom is required

Hide details for ProcessingProcessing
Average Application Processing: Initial: 6 Days
Renewal: 6 Days
Common Denial Reasons: Insufficient information, Incorrect fees, Criminal record
Permit Term: Biennial Explain:
Renewable: Yes How Often: Two years from date of issuance
Automatically Sent: Yes Explain: 60 days prior
Grace Period: No Explain:
Late Penalty: No Explain:
Application Submittal: Electronic (Internet), Mail, In Person
Comments: Application requires original signature.

Hide details for ProcessingLicensing/Application Inquiries
Agency: NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets
Address: Division of Food Safety and Inspection
10B Airline Drive
Albany, NY 12235
Phone: (518) 485-5326
Other Sources
for Applications:
Agency Regional Offices; Agency Website; Food Inspectors; Online @ www.opal.ny.gov
Agency Website: http://www.agriculture.ny.gov
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