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Permit IDDTF-0020Agency Code2000
Agency NameTaxation and Finance, Department of
Permit NameCigarettes and Tobacco Products Sales Retail Dealers Registration
Permit DescriptionAllows the sale of cigarettes and/or tobacco products for retail ONLY made over the counter at a specific location or from a cart, truck, stand, or other merchandising device. Each location needs separate registrations.
Application FormApplication for Registration of Retail Dealers and Vending Machines for Sales of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products
Form Number/DateDTF-716 (Initial Application); Instructions
Downloadable Application Form,
Apply Online

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Average Application
CommentsDTF-716 (Initial application) processing time ranges from 5 to 10 days
Common Denial
Insufficient information, Incorrect fees, Failure to register to collect sales tax
Permit TermAnnualExplainBased on the calendar year.
RenewableYesHow OftenYearly
Automatically SentYesExplainDTF 719 Renewal notices sent 120 days prior to expiration. Must renew by September 20.
Grace PeriodYesExplain45 day grace period. Unable to issue certificate between November 15 and December 31.
Late PenaltyNoExplain
Application SubmittalElectronic (Internet), Mail
CommentsPayment is required with application and the Department does not currently have a means of collecting non-tangible payments.

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Contact Name
Contact Mailing Address
Conatct Phone Number
Contact Fax Number
Follow Up InformationThe following items are required to be mailed to the follow up contact address before your application can be processed. <B>Please make sure to write the OPAL ID on each attachment.</B>
1) If you are a new applicant, or you did not register as a sales tax vendor before starting business, you must immediately file a Form DTF-17, Application for Registration as a Sales Tax Vendor.
OPAL Status LevelsSubmitted to Department of Taxation and Finance
Department of Taxation and Finance is processing application
Application Rejected
Pending Additional Information
Pending Approval of DTF-17
OPAL Ready FieldNo
OPAL Aged Limit ( in days )
OPAL Form NameRegistration of Retail Dealers and Vending Machines
OPAL Form TypeWebsphere
Web Service ClientNo
OPAL Application Title
OPAL Email Variables
Maximum Number of Forms per Email
Approx Email Send Time8:00 AM

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Text to be entered on printed Permit Text document if the business county is not known:

NYS Department of Taxation and Finance
Cigarette/Tobacco Products Registration
W. A. Harriman Campus, Building 8, Room 600
Albany, NY 12227
(518) 485-7652